Truly endless rubber belts and conveyors

Novitec: reliable, flexible, efficient

Truly endless rubber belts and conveyors

Novitec: reliable, flexible, efficient

Discover Novitec’s products: belts, conveyors, tracks and other rubber technical articles

Extrusion belts for the extrusion of cables and plastic profiles

Caterpillar belts are used on extrusion lines in various work sectors among which the main ones are:

  • Cable industry, during many processing phases, from the formation of the strands and plies to their coating with rubber or thermoplastic resin;
  • Plastics industry, for the production of tubes and profiles.

In these particular applications our extrusion belts constitute an essential part of the processing equipment. Our extrusion belts can be employed on haul-off units (caterpillar) and on capstans, regardless of the machine constructor or the type of bottom profile. Choosing Novitec as your partner will ensure you receive punctual deliveries, quality products and flexibility in unforeseen emergencies.

Tube winder belts for the Packaging Industry

Our truly endless tube winder belts are mainly used in the Packaging Industry. Our endless tube winder belts are used to drag, roll and press various layers of paper impregnated with special glues on a metal mandrel. Each type of cardboard tube has its own weight, different diameters and many other characteristics, each one of which requires the most suitable rubber belt. To be able to offer the perfect belt it is important that the right balance is found between the different characteristics of our tube winder belts:

  • Structure flexibility;
  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Friction coefficient.

Our aim of offering perfect belts motivates us to constantly develop and test new solutions which help us to improve constantly.

Coating of rubber belts and sanding belts

Novitec specializes in coating with rubber both POLY-V and synchronous belts with different pitches and profiles.

Rubber coating is fundamental in order to offer suitable durability and wear resistance whilst guaranteeing the production efficiency of industrial machines.

We always choose the most ideal rubber coating very carefully from amongst a wide range of elastomers and can produce belts with either a smooth top cover or with grooves as per customer drawings in order to offer highly personalized solutions.

The difference between Novitec’s rubber coatings and many other ones available on the market is that ours are never glued but instead they are always vulcanised directly on the belt, this ensures higher resistance and durability.

Special belts and rubber conveyors

We develop and produce truly endless special belts and conveyors composed of different textile inserts coated with rubber.

We also develop belts together with different OEM for various industrial sectors: wood industry, food industry, and many more.

One of many projects consists in the production of truly endless belts on which we then vulcanize specially designed rubber batons, that are then employed on special agricultural machinery for vineyard trellising.

PTFE®/Glass net for the photovoltaic sector

During the different production phases of solar panels, conveyor belts are fundamental for both moving the panels along the production line and processing them during the assembly chain phases. PTFE®/Glass nets are composed of glass fibre fabrics or aramidic fibres (Kevlar® / nomex®) or can be spreaded with teflon (PTFE®/TEFLON®). Belts for laminating machines and stringing machines are fundamental to ensure efficiency and optimization during the whole production process, which then leads to significant savings.

Tailor-made solutions

Years of experience in designing and producing customized truly endless rubber belts and conveyors have allowed us to find a solution for all of your needs, we are therefore capable of producing endless rubber belts that can resist long term use whilst guaranteeing the highest performance levels in the most diverse work sectors.  

Novitec: an efficient partner

Our entire production process is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

All of our products are therefore checked, the complete production cycle is registered accordingly and stored. Research and development are our strong point, our clients trust us to produce their truly endless rubber belts, especially when they require highly personalized belts, which can sometimes be unique (for example a horse treadmill).

We follow entirely all the phases that lead to the production of truly endless belts:

  • Creation of the compound;
  • Design of the belt;
  • Follow up and after sales assistance.


Our main goal is your satisfaction; we therefore always aim to find the best solution for your needs.

We have a great amount of experience in the production of rubber articles and are capable of satisfying a great variety of requests whilst offering high degrees of customization.


Industrial technologies, which improve the whole production line, are in constant evolution. Machinery nowadays is are fundamental in most production processes and we are ready and happy to accept these new challenges by offering truly endless rubber belts and sleeves capable of withstanding high levels of wear whilst offering the highest performances throughout time.


Innovation at Novitec starts from the development of the right compound for each project.

The best material for each final application must keep into account some key factors amongst which: resistance, elasticity, flexibility and safety.

We study the structure of each rubber belt and conveyor belt that we produce, in order to guarantee its perfect functioning.

Research & Development

In our laboratory we are constantly developing and testing each phase of our endless rubber belt production process, we are continually studying new materials (elastomers and textile inserts), besides finding innovative methods to be employed in the production of rubber articles.


We ensure the highest standards in each phase of our production process, every phase is registered in order to ensure we constantly meet our customers’ deadlines whilst continually offering after sales assistance.

After sales / Assistance

Our truly endless belts and rubber sleeves are used in particularly stressful conditions and must be installed and used correctly to ensure the best performances.

For these reasons we offer after sales assistance, in order to help our customers obtain the best performances from our belts.

Novitec: a trustful partner for the production of truly endless rubber belts and sleeves for special applications.

Our company focuses on offering you the right product, together we can develop the right solution and the best product based on your specific needs, we will help you with all of our experience.

Several products of ours are developed using innovative materials and treatments; these allow our truly endless belts and sleeves to be employed:

  • In presence of high temperatures
  • In case of direct contact with chemical substances
  • In the food industry, in which specific certifications are required

Customer satisfaction

Customers are always at the centre of all of our activities: your needs are our starting point in the definition of our production process.


We design and develop efficient solutions capable of satisfying our customer’s requests.

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