Truly endless rubber belts, conveyors and sleeves

Novitec Technical Industrial Production srl was founded in 2009 with the precise aim of becoming a trustworthy partner capable of designing and producing truly endless rubber belts for both standard and specific applications.


Research, innovation and quality

Since its beginning Novitec srl has collaborated with Comitec snc, a company with more than thirty years experience in the production of quality technical rubber articles, focusing entirely, as does Comitec snc, on customer service and satisfaction.

Novitec has grown rapidly in 10 years of activity, establishing collaborations with leading companies in the various industrial sectors. Besides supplying truly endless rubber belts, conveyor belts and sleeves, Novitec also offers numerous toll manufacturing machining options on technical rubber articles.


Novitec’s belts, sleeves and conveyor belts are all produced following the regulations and processes described in our quality handbook, in accordance with international ISO 9001:2008 standards.


The only way to adapt to a constantly evolving market is to constantly test and offer new solutions, this is what we do on a daily basis here at Novitec. Thanks to our company’s know-how and to our internal laboratory we are capable of studying and developing innovative compounds (using special elastomeric formulations together with new additives and latest generation nanomaterials), we are also constantly studying and developing different kinds of internal textile constructions.

Innovation technology

Targeted investments have allowed us to develop machinery, which combines rubber moulding techniques with the latest technologies capable of offering higher performance to the finished products.

Customer Care

Novitec guarantees rapid answers regarding technical and commercial issues, and offers after-sales assistance concerning any problems that may arise during the installation phase or the use of any of our products.


Novitec’s truly endless rubber belts and sleeves are guaranteed to ensure the best performances and longer duration than the one of similar products.
We achieve this thanks to the use of special elastomeric formulations combined with the use of the latest nanomaterials, which we constantly study and test in our laboratory.

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