Custom-Made Belts and Conveyors

Custom-Made Belts and Conveyors

Thanks to years of experience, of its founders, in the construction of truly endless rubber belts, Novitec designs, develops and produces belts and conveyors based on customer drawings, capable of satisfying any particular need.

Together with the customer we can design belts depending on their final applications and specific processing requirements. We have a range of available compounds from which to choose (heat resistant, UV light resistant, oil resistant, and others ideal for many other work conditions); we also have a range of various textile inserts in order to offer the most suitable load class.

The following truly endless belts and conveyors are examples of how Novitec has developed or improved belts together with its customers.

Truly endless belts for vineyard trellising machinery.

We produce, exclusively for a constructor of specialised agricultural machines, truly endless rubber belts used for the trellising of vineyards.

These endless belts are composed from one layer of polyester fabric coated with NR/SBR compound, the base of the belt has a central guide whilst on the top cover of the belt we apply, through vulcanisation, a series of specifically redesigned rubber batons.

Truly endless caterpillar belts for tracked stair climbers.

Exclusively for an Italian constructor of stair transport equipment, we produce special caterpillar tracks which are mounted on all of their stair climbers. These caterpillar tracks, without joints or seams on the structure or on the rubber cover, are made with a special textile insert that ensures that the belt is stable, avoiding time consuming re-tensioning operations.

We have developed a rubber with improved mechanical characteristics that withstands abrasion, cuts and atmospheric conditions; the caterpillar tracks can also be produced with white rubber, instead of black, to avoid leaving any marks or dirt on delicate surfaces. Compared to similar products, our caterpillar tracks can withstand much higher loads and weights, up to 500 Kg.

Truly endless conveyor belts for vacuum and magnetic stackers.

Vacuum magnetic stackers are used to align metal sheets during the palletisation phase, having the metal sheets placed and perfectly aligned on the pallet is extremely important for the following processing phases (pressing, piercing etc.). The initial request in this specific case, and its consequent redesign and development, began after we received a complaint from an end user regarding the original conveyor belts purchased together with the stacking machine.

We first of all analysed the various problems the conveyor belt was encountering as well as the client’s requirements and we then completely redesigned:

  • The internal structure, creating a conveyor belt with low elongation and high load;
  • The top covering rubber, designed and developed to leave no stains and to not absorb any of the oils on the moved sheets.

We have developed a wide range of specific and highly customized products, using different constructions solutions combined with our compounds.

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