Extrusion Belts: born to equip all of your haul off units

Extrusion belts, some times also called caterpillar belts, refer to a category of special belts capable of low levels of elongation whilst able to withstand great levels of effort, especially when compared to commercial belts, in comparison to which they are way more resistant and flexible, which ensures excellent winding capacity even on smaller pulleys. Their main function is to drag, at a constant speed, the various extruded materials with different shapes.

Our truly endless haul off unit belts are composed from an internal textile structure coated with rubber, the top rubber cover must be developed extremely carefully because it’s the only part of the belt in direct contact with the extruded materials.

For this reason, depending on the final application, the extruded product and the machine speed, its fundamental that the chosen compound is the perfect one.

At Novitec we don’t simply supply caterpillar belts; we always aim to find together with our customers the right solution to offer the perfect belt for their needs.

We are always willing to guide customers in the choice of:


Materials (internal structure and rubber coverings)


Exact dimensions (we can produce belts with any length, width and thickness)


Extra finishing options for the top cover are available (longitudinal grooves & transversal notches)

Truly Endless Extrusion Belts:
Custom Made Solutions

Novitec specializes in top cover finishing options, amongst which longitudinal grooves and transversal notches which enhance the belt’s performances.



Whenever the final application allows or requires transversal notches to be made, we can easily engrave notches, which increase flexibility of the belt whilst reducing the winding diameter on the pulley, this enhances the belt’s lifespan.

We can create notches with various depths, widths and pitches.



Longitudinal grooves can easily be engraved on to our endless rubber belts following customer’s drawings and instructions. Shaping the belt based on the final product that needs to be extruded ensures higher grip surface whilst requiring less pressure on delicate extruded articles.

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