Glass/PTFE fabrics and rolls

Fabrics and Rolls in Glass-TEFLON®

Many industrial applications require materials with specific characteristics:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Anti-adhesive properties
  • Chemical substance resistance

These conditions require the use of various products composed of glass-PTFE fabric, which is generally referred to as glass-TEFLON®; these products are composed of a glass fibre fabric coated with various PTFE (TEFLON®) solutions.

These fabrics can be joined with various junction solutions in order to form conveyor belts, or can be supplied directly as open ended belts with either thermoplastic or metallic junctions on both ends in order to be then joined once they’ve been fitted on the machine.

Glass-PTFE fabrics can either be supplied cut to shape or as entire rolls, they are also available with one adhesive side so that it can be fixed directly on metal surfaces of machinery or on the moulds used.

Thanks to its partnership with various photovoltaic machinery constructors, Novitec, has developed various products for this specific sector.

Glass-PTFE fabrics, rolls and conveyors

Novitec develops both glass fibre and aramid fibre (KEVLAR®) fabrics with various grammages coated with either PTF (Teflon®) or silicone.

Thicknesses between 0,120 mm and 0,675 mm are available, and can be supplied with various mechanical resistances; an antistatic version is also available.

Main characteristics of these products:

  • Non-stick surface
  • Dimensional stability within the – 65°C and the + 280°C range
  • Possibility to have them food grade certified
  • Excellent resistance to both chemicals and wear

Available typologies

Commercial name Textile structure Textile structure material Coating typology Tensile strength (N/mm^2) Thickness (mm) Weight (g/mq) Adhesive side Antistatic
GLASS/PTFE 100.14 Flat surface Glass fibre PTFE  75  0,305  450  YES  YES
GLASS/PTFE 100.5 Flat surface Glass fibre PTFE  21  0,127  200 YES YES
GLASS/PTFE 100.10 Flat surface Glass fibre PTFE  40  0,255  370  YES  YES
GLASS/PTFE NET RV30 Leno weave (section 4 x 4 mm) Glass fibre PTFE  50  0,9  350  NO  YES
GLASS/PTFE NET RV19 Leno weave (section 0,75 x 0,75 mm) Glass fibre PTFE  50  0,9  530  NO  YES
ARAMIDE/PTFE 235 Flat surface Aramidic fibre PTFE  60  0,43  630  NO  NO
VETRO/SILICONE 6S Flat surface Glass fibre SILICONE  25  0,18  260  NO  NO
GLASS/SILICONE 14S Flat surface Glass fibre SILICONE  45  0,35  490  NO  NO
GLASS/SILICONE 40S Flat surface Glass fibre SILICONE  70  1,03  1460  NO  NO


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