Truly endless tube winder rubber belts

Truly endless tube winder rubber belts

Novitec produces truly endless rubber belts used in the packaging industry for the creation of cardboard tubes.

Our endless tube winder belts are used to drag, roll and press various layers of paper impregnated with glue on a metal mandrel.

This is a particularly complicated task considering the many key factors involved in this kind of application:

Type of paper used;
Diameters and thicknesses of the tubes produced;
Different machine setups used for cardboard tube production, each with their own characteristics.

In addition to these aspects there is also the geometry and the tensioning to take into account during installation of these belts..

The main characteristics of our ‘truly endless tube winder belts’ are: flexibility; resistance to abrasion; perfect balance between grip and sliding.

Our truly endless belts with no joint or seam guarantee uniformity of the cardboard tube together with maximum resistance and flexibility in every single point of the belt.

In order to satisfy all of the various work conditions, Novitec offers belts constructed with various compounds, internal structures and reinforcements. All belts are constructed without any joint or seam and are specifically designed for paper core production lines, all of our endless belts can also be further personalized to meet any specific customer requirement.

There are certain critical phases where particular attention is advised:

Start up

start-up phase, when the layers of paper are inserted in-between the belt and the mandrel;


breakage of one or more layers of paper during processing;


excess glue on the paper layers.

As a general rule, please bear in mind that a sudden change of either thickness or diameter, or both, during processing will risk causing sudden excess tension in a specific point of the belt which can damage it.

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