Woodworking Belts

Woodworking Belts

Novitec produces truly endless rubber belts for the woodworking industry, which are employed on sanding machines for linear hardwood profiles, particle board, MDF, multy-layer wood, unrefined veneered materials or painted with polyurethane paint.

These special belts are produced with the use of dedicated moulds, their bottom surface incorporates a central rubber guide which is coated with a low friction cotton/polyester fabric to allow the belt to slide on metal surfaces.

The top cover of our woodworking belts is made of a natural red rubber compound with high grip and high abrasion resistance, its surface is specifically designed in order to ensure excellent grip on materials whilst allowing for the shavings and the dust to be easily eliminated after the sanding operations.

Besides the normal wear of the top cover of the belt, problems concerning the central guide can arise, the various OEMs have created different pulleys, for the various machines, therefore the guide section housing may have different grades.

For this reason its fundamental to either have a precise indication in regards to the exact sanding machine model on which our sanding edge belts will be employed, or otherwise for us to know the exact measurements of the guide housing in the pulleys.

Our woodworking belts, when compared to similar products of our competitors, have an increased contact surface with the wooden profile to be sanded, this ensures higher grip which improves the quality of the finished pieces.

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